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Garden Design in Hi-Tech Style

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Garden in hi-tech style is very interesting, as this style in landscape design is relatively new. It has more variety of expressive means and opportunities for creativity. Gardens in the style of hi-tech are convenient for life. They are usually laconic. Original ideas in such gardens are embodied by simple means. The style is suitable for narrow spaces. This garden is easy to care.

How to Implement Hi-Tech Style in Garden Design

Garden in high-tech style

Garden in high-tech style

Key elements of landscape design in the style of hi-tech:

– Advanced materials: glass, metal, new composite materials.

– Wood is well handled, usually with revealing its texture.

– Contrasts.

– Lighting: any creative ideas and the most incredible lighting. Almost everything can be highlighted: the water in the pond, a group of plants and decorative paving areas. The light can be of any color.

– Combination of metal with wood.

– Gravel sites.

– Paving with regular geometric forms.

– Unusual ponds: channels crossing the site; framed in metal and concrete; with islands of unusual forms.

Lighting in hi-tech style garden

Lighting in hi-tech style garden

Layout features:

– Dynamic forms.

– Areas in the garden of this style are separated very conditionally, using objects; the plot resembles a studio surrounded by nature.

– Paths are mostly straight, but are located on the diagonal or zigzag or looped at the right circle.

– Geometrical symmetry or asymmetry.

Color scheme:

Colors of the garden in high-tech style are mainly light. People often use white, silver, all shades of green, blue, purple. Accents are orange, red, yellow, black.


Trees: almost any trees, both decorative and fruit ones. It is important to choose the species with an interesting shape of leaves and crowns.

Shrubs: selection is based on the same principle.

Perennials and flowers: hosts, especially variegated and yellow, heathers, any grains, rhubarb, artichokes, corn, sunflower decorative, Cleomenes, green flowering plants, sedum and other stonecrops, delphinium, large dahlias, Cosmos. As for vertical landscaping, in addition to traditional plants, pumpkin and even tall tomatoes will suit such garden.


– Major tiles for paving.

– Decking, mesh tubes for fences.

– Glass.

– Elements of mosaic.

– Decorating beds with glass balls.

– Gravel sites.

– Colored stones and glass beads for rock gardens decoration.

– Mirrors on the site not only for decorative purposes, but for achieving visual effects, especially in conjunction with the lighting.

– Garden art objects – sculptures in modern style.

– Steel containers for plants.

It is very important to choose plants with interesting form of leaves and crown for the garden in this style. Accents can become blue spruce and decorative apple, and rhododendron. You can plant a garden of ferns, giving the advantage to large species.

While making a path of concrete, you can insert various metal items into it: nuts, clutch discs, springs. Instead of the glass you can use transparent plastic, including multicolored one. Wire and chain are very useful materials. You can make a lot of interesting things of them.

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