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Garden and Patio in Colonial Style

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It is curious how differ sometimes the same decorating concepts in different countries. For example, in France and England, “colonial” interiors combine European style and exoticism. And in the U.S. colonial design is considered to be an example of borrowing any foreign culture. So the basis of the colonial interior for the American decorators can become a separate country (eg, Spain or Mexico) and part of the world (eg, East), and even a separate area of a country, known by its own characteristic features (eg, the Italian Tuscany).

Garden and Patio in Colonial Style from Kathleen Shaeffer

Landscape design in Spanish style by Kathleen Shaeffer

Landscape design in Spanish style by Kathleen Shaeffer

This approach is evident in architecture, interior and landscape design.

Master of Landscape Design from sunny California (Santa Cruz), Kathleen Shaeffer works in the professional field since 1991. And today she has become famous after being featured in renowned journals. Her hallmark is a combination of grace and national color. We have chosen four of her works for this article. Before showing them we draw your attention to the ideas that you can borrow and the designer’s advises to garden owners.

Kathleen Shaeffer is sure that properly selected plants are the basis of a beautiful garden. But to ensure that it has acquired individuality, other elements are also required. For example, special color of façade in the courtyard and shapes of garden paths; stylistic decoration of a fountain or pergolas, forms of flowerbeds and bright colors for flowerpots. All these items can be selected on your choice. But there is another way – to focus on the original style with the characteristic elements. They will inspire you to an excellent result.

Think about the country, where you would like to live and enjoy a beautiful garden. If your local climate allows planting at least a part of the plants typical to your dream-country, get the opportunity to do so. Plant them even in containers that have to be moved in a greenhouse for the winter. If this is not possible, focus on the decor and color scheme for the patio.

The examples of landscapes, shown in this article, are inspired by rich colors of the South (Mediterranean European and Latin American), and the aesthetics of the East.

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