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Fantasy Garden Design

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Such garden is a fantasy landscape, which conjures up thoughts of medieval adventures, and covered with legends about chivalrous exploits. In such gardens landscape motifs of fantasy movies are infused with chivalric romance. The main idea of ​​the garden is a search for harmony with nature through the reunion. The fantasy garden must necessarily contain an ancient mystery.

Garden Design Inspired by Fantasy Movies

Garden design in fantasy style

Garden design in fantasy style

Gardens in fantasy style are created in areas, whose size is at least eight acres. They are often asymmetrical and with bizarre forms. Plots, located on a slope or in a valley, are very suitable for fantasy garden.

Fantasy garden and some inherent features of Gothic and Romanesque styles, including scenic architectural elements – turrets, cast iron grate with peaks .

Meandering garden paths and trails, overgrown ponds and streams with the bridge of stone slabs and whimsical driftwood help to create a special fabulous and a little abandoned atmosphere in the garden. Decorative grottos, dry trees and stone bowls can serve as additions.

Arched and circular shapes are mainly used in the fantasy garden layout. Panorama and some areas of the garden should not be viewed. Their charm is in gradation and surprise.

Garden design in fantasy style

Garden design in fantasy style

Color design of a landscape may include various shades of dark green, brown, gray, black and beige. Traditional surfacing materials in the fantasy gardens are brick and grungy sandstone.

In these gardens landscaping plays a major role. The house has to be organically inscribed in it. Traditional lawns are atypical for fantasy style. It is better to build a lawn with wild field grass and cereals.

Fantasy garden landscaping has its own peculiarities. Selection of trees for the garden is mainly based on the figure of branches and bark color, with the most preferred varieties of dark bark. Suitable varieties of trees are oak, hazel, maple, mountain ash, alder, elm, willow and birch.

And the following shrubs are used: honeysuckle, classic berry bushes, elderberry and chokeberry. Emphasize the mystery of the garden by use of vertical gardening with discreet dark vines: Amur grape and girlish, lemongrass, hops, mountain clematis and actinides. Climbing roses and dog-roses are planted with dense thickets.

Such gardens always have a place for ferns, hostas, Rogers, rhubarb and modest “forest” bulbous.

Irises of any species fit perfectly into the fantasy landscape design. They can be planted on the whole field.

Also a large area can be allocated for different types of grasses and sedges. It is permissible to use any kinds of conifers.

Landscape garden lighting should be designed taking into account the dramatic concept.

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