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Fake city in USA

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In the near future all vehicles will be “smart”. Machines will interact with each other and with the environment: traffic lights, buildings and other architecture. It is clear that the manufacturers do not want to let their untested products in the real city, since it will put the residents at great risk. What to do? Build your test city!

Robo Car Urban Test Track in USA

Artificial test city

Artificial test city

Michigan Transportation Research Institute (The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute [UMTRI]) in conjunction with Xerox are building an artificial city area of ​​32 acres. It will have all that can come across in the way of a vehicle: intersections, traffic lights, road signs, pedestrian crossings, road works, and, of course, other cars. There will be even our favorite bikes. However there won’t be any unpredictable pedestrians.

Partnership with car manufacturers – Ford, GM, Toyota – will allow conducting different experiments in a safe environment. For example you can test the information system transferring from one bus to another, and from the stops for buses and back. The bus will automatically detect how many people in it, learn from the bus-stop, how many people are waiting for it, and make decisions based on this information. Sounds like some kind of nonsense, but if you think about it, everything is quite real.

Of course, this city will be much more successful testing platform significantly superior in all degree of realism that used car manufacturers before. But it’s not perfect. For example, it is impossible to simulate the strong noise that will be created by trolleybus wires in real cities.

Despite this the developers believe that the city will help launch different user-friendly technology. They hope that the automakers, government representatives, and all who will see how it all works, will say: “We want it! We want to try it in this town! Now we are confident and ready to run it in this life.”

Construction of the test city is planned to finish by the end of September this year.

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