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Exhibition in Atlanta Botanical Garden

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Sculptures of flowers have long ceased to be a gimmick, but designers working in the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta (USA), managed to surprise the world. An exhibition of giant sculptures has recently opened there, with a record amount of sculptures (28) for America. The exposure is called «Imaginary Worlds, a New Kingdom of Plant Giants».

Huge Flower Sculptures in Atlanta Botanical Garden

"Imaginary Worlds, a New Kingdom of Plant Giants" exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

“Imaginary Worlds, a New Kingdom of Plant Giants” exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

The exhibition will be held in Atlanta until October 31. Sculptures look quite realistic, if we ignore their huge size. In particular, visitors can see a huge frog, playful gorillas and a charming couple of orangutans. You can see a unicorn, a cobra, and a beautiful butterfly.

The largest sculpture in this collection is a 82-feet earth goddess. Florists created the statue last year, and now it has become a permanent decoration of the Botanical Garden. It is noteworthy that its creation requires about 18,000 annuals.

Perhaps looking at these wonderful sculptures, you saw their resemblance to those that were presented last year at the exhibition in Montreal. And this similarity is not accidental. These green giants were really manufactured in Canada for the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta.

Designers say that such sculptures are the result of the evolution of topiary art. Initially they manufacture a steel mold in form of the future sculpture. Then it is filled with sphagnum moss and soil, where annuals are planted. In Atlanta there is an unusually hot summer. So the sculptures are equipped with irrigation system. It allows the plants receive regular moisture, and prevents them from drying. Just this year, there were planted about 200,000 plants.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is interesting for visiting not only in summer, but also in winter. In cold weather, you can see the unique Christmas illuminations.

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