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English Garden In Hamptons

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Serene and tranquil – these are the characteristics that describe the beautiful Goldman’s garden located in Hampstons, NY. Jane Goldman who grew up in this area sure knows how to treat her garden and how to make it appear so traditional, yet relaxing. Her shingle-styled family house built in 1949 has a 17 acres territory full of fragrant roses, tasty perennials and delicate statues.

Hamptons Charming English Garden

Hamptons Garden

Side View Of English Garden In Hamptons

Although this Hamptons garden is made within the structural lines of what is called an English garden, the outdoors is divided into various spots as there are: formal territory, wilder garden and of course relaxation zones. However, these relaxation zones are scattered around the property, as Jane confessed:

The garden is the entertainment! We have dinner on the lawn and we do yoga in the upper garden, which is very tranquil, but mostly people just love to walk around in it.

As in any traditional home, there is a boxwood hedge area with a beautiful pergola amidst it. Inside the formal hedges grow flowers with curious names, such as aloud – delphiniums, dahlias, and digitalis, hollyhocks, hydrangeas and of course roses. Roses seem to be Jane’s passion since childhood. In the center of the formal garden is a beautiful pond with a classy statue.

Among other highlights of the English garden in Hamptons is the informal part of the area, the so-called wild garden. It is here we can see various perennials, such as cleome, iris, hesperis, phlox, alyssum, guara, and nicotinia. This beautiful garden was created with help of a landscape designer, Jane Lappin, although she has given the credit to the owner of the house:

As Jane Goldman visited the great gardens in England, France, and Italy, it helped shape both our imaginations. It is a pleasure to work with someone who wants to create something beautiful and knows what she wants.

Overall, the garden is full of details, from magnificent urns, pillars, fountains, and a stone grotto, herb gardens, vegetables, many perennials, marvelous lawn to beautiful garden accents as a pergola, pond statue and boxwood hedges.

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