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Edible Landscaping

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When landscaping the backyard, we sometimes tend to include a lot of colorful and bright plant features, which in our opinion would spruce up our gardens. However, have you ever considered including the edible plants into the landscape? Well, here is an awesome idea for your consideration: edible landscaping!

Edible Landscapin tips

Landscaping with Edible Plants

It might sound surprising, as for a long time it was considered that the vegetables must be separated from other type of edible plants, but that is not entirely that strict. In the age when people have a tendency for turning to ecologically safe environment and therefore to eco-friendly foods, there is a need for edible gardening. However, it rarely occurs to people that the edible gardening can also become an edible landscaping!

Among the edible plants to grow are vegetables, fruit and herbs. However, if you want to plant all of the above, you need to make sure that you have adequate spacing between each type. And this is where landscaping comes in handy! You can divide the edible plants by ornamental ones, following two goals at a time. Not only you can enrich your menu with fresh veggies and fruits, also the edible plants can boost up your garden in terms of color!

edible landscaping tips

However, edible landscaping is not that simple. It is important to plant the greens of the similar needs. Consider the flowers and shrubs that need dry soil – and here you have the first requirement. The sun tolerance is another factor to consider. It is also important to create a balance between the ordinary appearance of a vegetable and the ornamental plants.

Of course it is important to think of plants first of all! So, using plants not only with the same needs, but also the ones that benefit each other is really amazing, don’t you think? For instance, onions are good for roses, because they help against the pest infestation, while marigolds help tomatoes and petunias are good for beans, as they scare the bean beetles away. With these basics, you know you can start your own edible landscaping!

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