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Decorate Unsightly Objects in Your Garden

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Any garden always has something to hide and disguise, that is especially true for long populated areas. We suggest you make your garden not only a place of physical labor, but also rest in beautifully designed landscape.

Decorate and Disguise Unsightly Objects in Your Garden

The best solution is to apply decorating techniques that will help you hide all “problem” places in the garden or even make an artwork of an irritating and unsightly object.


Fence decoration

Fence decoration

To “revitalize” the fence, you can use vertical gardening, hanging containers with flowers or painting. A fence decorated with mosaics of the nontrivial elements looks interesting. For mosaics you can use shingle, tile, glass pieces, as well as bottoms of plastic bottles, old CDs, etc.

You can play with surface mounted components. Fishing net or panels, chain and wheelbarrows wheels will look originally on the fence.

Compost heap

Tea pot compost heap

Tea pot compost heap

Compost heap can be hid behind screen of logs, bushes or tall grasses. It could be blossoming and decorative leaf plants, and even vegetables.

Classical technique is planting pumpkin or nasturtium on the compost heap, transforming it into a real flower bed. And it would be quite appropriate to make a compost box in high-tech style: you can make it out of a cylinder tube with a wide diameter, and apply metallic paint.

Barrels for water

Decorated rain barrels

Decorated rain barrels

You can also decorate barrels, which store water for watering vegetable garden, as well as those barrels, which are used to collect rainwater.

To do this, it is reasonable to use the painting. Barrels, which are painted in the color of the house look great. A barrel or an old bath with the stored water can be not only painted, but also decorated by a mosaic of stone, tile or brick.

Concrete wells and boreholes

Decorated well

Decorated well

Concrete wells and boreholes can also be true art objects. Decorate the outer walls of the well with broken tiles.

It is appropriate, if the pieces of mosaic tile will be different in size – this will give some grotesque and pretentiousness, which is lacking in the simplicity of the garden.

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