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Chinese Garden of Friendship

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Chinese Garden of Friendship is a result of a close co-operation and interaction between two cities: Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) and Guangdong, China. The initiative to create the Chinese Garden in Sydney as sharing the rich cultural heritage of China belongs to the Chinese community and was timed to celebrate the bicentenary of Australia in 1988.

Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney

Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney

Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney

This delightful garden is a model of peace and harmony. You can take a trip in the Chinese Garden of Friendship along the winding paths, feel the serenity of its pavilions, lakes, and waterfalls. And after the walk you can contemplate the surrounding beauty with a cup of jasmine tea in a traditional Chinese Tea House.

Just a few minutes from the center of Sydney the Chinese garden allows you to get acquainted with ancient traditions of Chinese landscape art, architecture, and landscape design.

The first Chinese immigrated to Sydney in the mid 50’s of the 19th century, founded the area called The Rocks, and then moved to the area, which is now called the Sydney Chinatown. This picturesque Chinatown is located on Dixon Street, in Haymarket district.

In order to save and share their cultural heritage, the Chinese community has proposed to create a traditional Chinese garden in the center of Sydney. In 1984, the landscape bureau of Guangdong from Guangzhou has agreed to design theGarden. The construction of the park started in March 1986 with the help of Chinese and Australian experts. The official opening took place on January 17, 1988 in the presence of both governments.

Art of park construction began in China from imperial gardens 3,000 years ago, during the times of the Tszang Dynasty. It received further development in smaller private gardens of influential and wealthy Chinese. Private gardens reached their zenith during the Ming Dynasty. Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour is a smaller version of a typical private garden of that era.

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