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Botanical Gardens of Madeira

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Madeira is a wonderful magical island-garden in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. On ancient maps the location was marked as Isola della Lolegname (legno, ital. , tree) – the island of trees, which translated into Portuguese turned to ” Madeira” – “wooden”.

Amazing Botanical Gardens of Madeira

Botanical Garden of Madeira

Botanical Gardens of Madeira

Madeira climate can be classified as subtropical Mediterranean. It is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream, so that the temperature is almost constant during the summer and winter, creating perfect conditions for plant life.

The first settlers were “fighting” with nature for crops, burning local jungles. As the result, the southern part of the island has lost its relic vegetation.

The awareness of the loss led the residents of the island to a desire to restore and keep the former biodiversity. They even introduced local import duties for imported plants.

And the idea of ​​ creation of the Botanical Garden, as a place of conservation of flora and fauna of Madeira was waiting for its implementation until 1960.

Botanical Garden of the island (Jardim Botanico da Madeira), located in the coastal natural amphitheater of Furshala (administrative capital of the island), in the historical part of the the Quinta do Bom Sucesso, which had previously belonged to the Reids family.

In an area of ​​8 hectares there are about 3,000 plants from all continents, including orchids, anthurium, cacti, palms, ferns – all that can surprise and delight the eye.

Quite a large difference in height from 650 to 1500 ft above sea level, creates an ideal natural conditions for the preservation of interesting collection of plants and scientific work.

You can get to the garden by the funicular or bus. Funiculars are more expensive, but faster and more interesting, you can just buy a combined ticket to see all sights. In the first stage you rise above the town of Monte, and you have a wonderful opportunity to observe the city, the port and the way of life of local residents. What follows is a short walk and transfer to the next cable car for traveling down over the next gorge. It will drive you to the top garden gate.

There are a parrots Garden and Museum of Natural History in the Botanical Garden, where you can see rare species of birds and animals, various fossils, rocks, minerals.

You can rest and enjoy the views of the local landscape of Furshala at a local cafe, where there are the most famous island drinks, coffee and Madeira.

In about 950 ft from the lower exit of the Botanical Garden there is a garden of orchids. It is a small private garden of the people, who are passionately engaged in enthusiastic gathering and cultivation of orchids. Such excursion will be a good addition to a walk through the Botanical Gardens. If desired, you can get advice on the care and breeding, buy seeds and plants.

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