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9 Most Beautiful Villages of England

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England is famous for its beautiful villages, which are very popular among tourists, who come there to escape from the city and enjoy the fresh air. And if you, like many others, want to visit the English countryside, here’s 9 of the best places to stay.

9 Most Beautiful and Attractive Villages of England

Polperro village

Polperro village


This picturesque village on the edge of the harbor is recognized the prettiest village in Cornwall. Narrow alleys, small cute shops, and walks on the water can be found here, as well as a wonderful museum of fishing and smuggling.

Castleton, The Peak District National Park

The village was founded in the 11th century. And it is quite popular. It is especially crowded here in the summer. There are many attractions, such as: Castle Peveril, Odin mine or one of the four caves of Castleton. The village is surrounded by rolling hills, along which you can find lots of hiking trails, as well as holiday cottages.

Castle Combe, Wiltshire

This village is often called the most beautiful village in England. The main attraction here is the castle. In the Middle Ages woolen industry flourished there. The village is located in a nature reserve, home to many wild animals.

Bibury, Gloucestershire Cotswolds

This village has been described by an artist of the 19th century, William Morris as “the most beautiful village in England”. The narrow main street is leading down to the Coln river, where there is a very beautiful river bridge. Cotswolds is a typical village with a church of St. Mary, as well as houses that stand here since the 17th century.

Clovelly, Devon

This is a private village with cobbled streets. There are no cars or motorcycles. The village is built in a cleft of a steep cliff, surrounded by densely wooded arrays, sloping down to the sea. Narrow alleys are lined with white washed houses, each of which is decorated with colorful shutters. There are also popular breathtaking views of the sea. You have to pay for entering the village.

Amberley, West Sussex

One of the most beautiful villages in the hilly area, located between the hills and Amberley mountain. The local river is often filled in winter. That is why the ground becomes wet and forms many swamps.

Lamberhurst, Kent

The village is home to Castle Scotney, surrounded by a moat. It is one of the most romantic castles in England. Also, the main attraction is the garden of the 18th century Sprivers Horsmonden, where you can stroll through the wooded area, as well as the famous vineyard Lamberhurst.

Ambleside, Cumbria, North West England

There is a high waterfall near the village of Ambleside, which is surrounded by daffodils. There are several small plants and the atmosphere of the countryside on the main street of the village.


This breathtaking village is near to East Bergholt in Suffolk. It was the most famous place during the period of the 18th century. There are homemade thatched roofs and wonderful bridge of the 12th century.

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