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5 Ways To Use Dead Wood In Landscaping

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Dead old trees may seem like a problem but there is always a way to make the most of the worst situation. Dead wood isn’t necessarily have to be unsightly and if it is there are ways to make it work for your landscape. Whether you have a tree stump or a whole dead tree in your garden, there are ways to turn them into a decoration rather than an eye sore.

Landscaping With Dead Wood

Painted dead tree


The easiest way to treat a dead tree is to paint it a bright color. You’ll get a bright accent in your garden without the hassle of removing a tree or having an unsigtly stump in the middle of your green retreat. You can also decorate it with wine bottle or ribbons. You can also plant crawling plants around the tree to provide them with support and beautify the tree.

Another way to use dead wood in your landscape design is planting around or inside of it turning it into a planter or a flower bed. It works with the tree stumps, old logs, and all kinds of dead wood.

Wood sculpture

Some old trees especially those with exposed complicated root systems make great decorations on their own. You can remove them and use in landscape display or simply leave them where they are accentuating them with careful planting and planning of your landscape.

Creating a wood sculpture out of an old tree is true mastery but you don’t necessarily have to do it yourself. Hiring a professional artist and consulting on design may provide a unque decoration to your garden or front lawn landscape.

So if you have some old trees in your garden don’t hurry to pick an axe but use them to make for some unusual and unique ladscaping decorations.

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