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5 Major Mistakes of Landscapers

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Construction of the garden is a long and painstaking process. To hurry in this case is not worth it. Try to avoid all possible mistakes in order not to pay for them with the additional financial resources and time. We made a list of the most frequent and major mistakes of landscape designers.

5 Major Mistakes of Landscape Designers

Landscape design

Landscape design

Mistake #1

The design of territory is not matching with the style of the main building and other constructions located on the site. To achieve a harmonious combination of landscape objects, you need to use the same materials for their construction.

You can unify a house, yard and outbuildings by smooth transitions and stylistic elements, repeated in different locations of the site. Fences, gates, arches or low fences – all should emphasize the beauty of greenery.

Mistake #2

If you are landscaping without a plan, this approach leads to unexpected costs (often meaningless). Some buy all sorts of flowers, sculptures, containers, etc., that may never come in handy.

To avoid this, make a drawing of the area, put all the elements of landscape design on it  in scale. It is better to be engaged in designing in winter. This will help to buy only planned plants at the beginning of the season without hurry and plant them in strictly designated areas.

Mistake #3

It is a big mistake when you plant plants without regard to their size in the future. Before you make a list of needed plants, find out how large they grow. It is especially actual for trees and shrubs. Very often small juniper and thuja bushes are planted close to each other, not taking into account how big they will be in 10-15 years.

Mistake #4

Refinement of only one or two areas of the garden is a big mistake. In landscape design general view of the local area is important. Along with establishing the backyard, where you like to spend your time, do not forget about the space on the front of the house.

Mistake #5

Overabundance of exotic plants and landscape design objects, which need constant care, can become a huge problem. Before putting favorite plants or objects in the plan, ask what care they need.

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