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3 Exclusive Landscape Designs

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Every owner of a private house wants to equip his site. Someone more inclined to the fruit and vegetable garden to have fresh fruit and vegetables. Others cannot imagine their outdoor space without a decorative garden and green lawn. Now we will talk about the aesthetic beauty – landscape design. The most simple is planting a lawn, the choice of many people, but it’s somehow boring.

3 Exclusive Landscape Design Ideas

The World Vision Garden

The World Vision Garden

Many just do not have the courage and imagination to organize something unique, beautiful and unusual on their site, so we want to motivate you to action, just showing you exclusive landscaping ideas that each of you can realize.

The World Vision Garden

The idea is just wonderful. There is a symbiosis, where the designers used water, plants and sculptures. As they say, all in one, which allows us to create a small piece of land from a unique oasis that puts us in a completely different atmosphere. This design reminds us of the motives of the eastern landscape. Plain geometric forms have a deep philosophical sense; the water adjusts to the peace and tranquility; and lush green grass catches the eye with its positive color. It is just a great composition, which is especially suitable for people with philosophical outlook on life.

Green cubes

Here is another fresh and creative idea of landscape design for a private house, which was presented at Chelsea Flower. This idea fundamentally changes the understanding of organization of a decorative garden, as in this case, flowers and ornamental plants are not just a composition. They are participants of an action. Here each plant looks as it is represented in the exhibition. Each plant has its own podium, which is a grass-covered stone cubes. As in the previous design project, beds and sculptures are created of plants.

Drop on grass

It is an interesting idea for areas with a slope. On such a relief this design project better demonstrates its ability to surprise with volume. As you can see, the circular lawn mowing can be a beautiful flowerbed for a tree or a sculpture that can be placed in the center, so the maximum accent is created.

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