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3 Cold Season Tips for Healthy Lawn

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Lawn makes the frontyard look more groomed and luxurious. Even if you have a modest house a front lawn can add a few strong points to the cub appeal that’s for sure. The cold season may take tall on your lawn, however, so here are a few tips to keep it healthy and ensure it comes back greener than before in spring.

Late Fall Lawn Care

Fallen leaves


First and foremost concern for any homeowner with a lawn is raking the fallen tree leaves. It is important to keep them from sticking together creating an impenetrable blanket that prevents sun exposure and water from evaporating making room for fungus and all kinds of grass-killer environment.

There are a few ways to make it easier for you though. If leaves are small and don’t cover the grass completely, falling in between the grass blades, you can leave it there as mulch. You can also make bigger leaves into mulch by going over them with a mower a few times. This will actually help improve the soil quality.

You can also simply rake or blow them towards the trees or a compost pile and leave them there till you need compost.

Winter Feeding

Late fall is great for fertilization and getting it in before the first frost is crucial because as the ground freezes the fertilizer keeps feeding your grass till spring. If it lacks nutrients during winter your spring lawn won’t be as lush and green as you’d want it to be.

Extra Care

It might sound like some additional work coming your way but it really isn’t. For a lawn to be flawlessly green and thick simply make sure that no objects are left lying around it and limit the lawn traffic during colder months. This will ensure there are no bold spots or dead grass come spring.

These are a few late fall tips that will help you keep your lawn green and beautiful. Don’t worry if you didn’t reseed in fall as you can also do it in spring.

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