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10 Places that Look Like Dreamland

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Many of us dreamed to travel into a fairy tale in the childhood? But, as adults, we realize that a fairy tale is fiction, and we are unlikely to get into this fabulous place in the real world. However, there are some real sites in the world, which look like a dreamland. These places and landscapes seem to get out of fairy tales and stories of our childhood. It is hard to believe in their existence, but they exist in reality.

10 Places that Look Like in Fairy Tales

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is the Treasure of the Alps and the most recognizable castle in the world. At first glance on this castle it seems that someone forgot his toy here.  The ivory towers of  Neuschwanstein, floating on a background of dark green firs, seem so unreal. Although if you get closer, a sense of fabulousness will hardly go away, because you will see hundreds of little things, looking unreal on the alpine slopes.

Castle Mont Saint Michel, France

Castle Mont Saint Michel is one of the most popular attractions in France, surprising by their uniqueness and fabulous view. The monastery on a rock, sticking out of the water depths, looks just stunning.

Dark Hedges in Ireland

These lovely 300-year-old beech trees grow near Armoy village in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Due to closely intertwined branches of beech trees, locals called the tunnel “Dark Hedges”.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most popular places in Vietnam. The scenery is awesome and gives the impression of unreality.

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

This most photogenic railway bridge in Scotland is known far beyond the UK. Lovers of books and films about Harry Potter associate this viaduct primarily with the Hogwarts Express. The famous train from the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” was going there.

Cave of giant crystals

Underground world is full of wonders. This amazing cave called Crystal Cave (Cueva de los Cristales) is located in the Mexican desert. These formations were created by nature for millions of years.

Colmar, France

Colmar is a picturesque Alsatian town with well-preserved ancient quarter, which immerses you in the Middle Ages. The city includes a huge amount of amazing beautiful buildings, built in the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance period.

Pamukkale, Turkey

These waterfalls are known for their beautiful white slopes.  Pamukkale is one of the geological wonders of Turkey. Thermal springs spurting from the mountain for many hundreds of years, formed a beautiful garden with ponds of different depths.

The Petra Great Temple, Jordan

The famous Petra Great Temple, carved into the rock, was shown in dozens of movies. What could be more mystical and mysterious?

Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

Avenue of the Baobabs is on the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in Menabe region, western Madagascar. This stunning landscape attracts travelers from around the world, making it one of the most visited places in the region.

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