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Window Box Ideas

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Window boxes can become excellent containers for the urban gardening, so here are some simple ideas of making your own window boxes!


Making of Window Box

Window boxes can be an excelent alternative for the urban gardening, if you live in a megapolis, or a small city and don’t have your own yard. One of the choices is to make a board that will hold the actual pots for your greenery. For this you will need to attach the wooden board to the wall near your window and make sure that it has some openinings for the containers. Of course it is not an easy project, but surelly an original one!


Another idea is to make an actual window box. To make one pretty and delicate you need to be quite skillfull, however you can make simple ones! Window boxes are just wooden containers for the greenery to be displayed by the window, and it also makes your house appear cozy and increases its curb appeal! Here are some awesome examples of these wonderful projects!

Window Box Inspiration

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