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Wild Garden Design Ideas

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Wild garden seating

Nature is beautiful. From colorful flowers to giant old trees it promotes almost unexplainable admiration with its simple yet complex look and feel. Innate beauty of nature, after all, is a reason we want to grow gardens, so why not go with a bit or maybe even more then a bit overgrow look?

Well you can and lot of people do nowadays, which is amazing and way more time and resource-efficient, if I might add. That said the design of such a garden can present a certain challenge, because you still need to have a way to get around your greenery.

The most common and probably the oldest way to deal with that problem is to lay pathways and there’re so many options. Pathways made of river rock are probably more traditional. There are obvious advantages to river rock, in that it’s both cheap. Time or exposure doesn’t affect it and it gives you this sort of closeness to nature and almost a primal look.

Pathways made of wood are a bit more high maintenance, but they can provide a bit more civilized, noble feel to your garden. Also an overgrown arbor works exceptionally great with it.

You can separate overgrown or wild parts of your garden with a mowed lawn to  highlight a contrast between different parts of the garden to get best of both worlds.


Garden pathway

Wild grasses


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