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Western Design of Garden with Eastern Elements

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Our attention was drawn to the garden, which was created for several years. It is noteworthy that the garden was designed in joint cooperation of landscape designers from Rocky Dale Gardens and the owner of the house, which, in his turn, is an architect by profession. Together they managed to create a smooth transition from the inner to the outer space.

Eastern Traditions and Western Design from Rocky Dale Gardens

Garden design from Rocky Dale Gardens

Garden design from Rocky Dale Gardens

Simple concise geometric lines of the building are in tune with the architecture of the Japanese house of Karakura period when the military with the title of shogun came to power. Shogun and samurai had much sympathy for the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, which became widespread in Japan.

“Zen” is translated as meditation from the Sanskrit. At this time there is a new stingy architectural style of a dwelling house called Soin. Symmetry of the building disappeared. Dry landscape gardens appear instead of lush gardens. They are called “karesansui”, which literally means “dry mountain-water-garden, where the word “water” means its imitation.

Dry gardens were a place of amusement, a space for reflection, meditation, where you could escape from the bustle of everyday problems, to feel your home as a fortress.

The first and main principle is the ability to see the beauty and elegance of the usual simplicity. Sliding walls of the house in Soin style made the garden an element of the house. They look like a painting, which you can admire through the frame formed by the building structure. It is very important to design a garden so that beautiful scenery could change gradually and continuously.

The basis of any Japanese garden is tones and water, which is dictated by the idea of ​​yin yang. Stones symbolize male yang (bright, active principle). Paving, leading to the house, made ​​of white marble, which has a rough surface.

The role of water is female yin (dark, stringy, passive). It is performed by gray gravel dumping on the sites. Gardens sounds, texture, smells have great importance: rustling leaves and gravel; soft grass and rough stone (in this case sand-colored tufa is used as decorative elements in the garden); the aroma of softwood and herbs.

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