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Vertical Gardening Tips

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Vertical gardening is an amazing opportunity to spruce up your garden and make your neighbors envy you! How about gaining some insights regarding this amazing form of gardening with these easy to follow tips?

vertical gardening

Vertical Gardening Basics

Vertical gardening has gained popularity in the recent years, and is considered quite luxurious because it requires quite a skill to grow. Moreover, vertical gardening can be used with small outdoor spaces available. Just imagine, the plants would go up your walls, gates and doors, while hiding all the unattractive spots and still being quite fabulous.

As with any gardening practice, you should know your climate zone to choose the best plants for growing. For example, the shade loving bacopa, veronica, campanula, ferns and heuchera are perfect for cooler climates. On the contrary, the succulents, such as hens-and-chicks, stone crops or prickly pear cactus, as you know enjoy the sun and dry climate, and can be quite a spectacular view in the vertical gardening version as well.

vertical gardening

The whole idea of a vertical gardening is to create a focal point in the outdoors, so making one wall as a background would be more than enough. The vertical gardening does not imply strictly vertical, but allows the use of the containers, which can also be used in a vertical position, like Wolly Pockets, which have a built-in moisture barriers to protect outdoor walls.

If you want the lush greenery, that grows vertically, opt for pipevines with heart-shaped flowers, which bloom in the spring, or other vines with lush foliage. For instance, the Japanese hydrangea vine climbs up the solid surfaces and also has the heart -shaped greenery, which blooms in early summer. The advantage of vines is that they grow rather fast, however, they also die fast.

vertical gardening

Remember that you can also have an edible vertical garden, however this would require quite a skill. You can build a board, which has containers, where the herbs or other edible plants could be grown. Generally, vertical gardening is quite an endeavor however not very hard as it might seem.

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  1. Marion
    January 31, 2016 at 5:22 am

    I was wondering if you had sketches or a link so that I could build the vertical garden structure that you have included in your article? It’s great. Thanks.