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Vertical Flower Beds

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Such hanging flower arrangements will adorn any garden. They do not require a lot of time and special costs. How can you make one? Vertical flower bed will look great with Ampelias  and bunch-forming plants. Ampelias give volume and splendor, and bunch-forming plants give the effect of alignment. There are beautiful spray petunias, lobelia and verbena, which will look great in a vertical flower bed. If you need plants for shade, then plant the balsams and you will not regret.

How to Make Vertical Flower Bed

Vertical flower bed

Vertical flower bed

Original decision is an aromatic flower bed of lavender, sage, oregano. It is better to locate it on the sun deck next to the seating area. You will feel the aroma while passing by the flower bed. This have a beneficial effect on the immune system, brain function and cardiovascular system.

What is needed?

Plastic container in the form of cylinders

Paint in cans

Sphagnum moss (you can use even old moss)

Loose soil


Seedlings in tablets

Step 1

Paint the containers and wait for drying. Soak the moss to a comfortable consistency, that will allow you to “sculpt”. Lay it in layer to the second level of cells, tightly clutching it to the walls of the container. Then sprinkle a layer of soil on the moss premixed with fertilizer (as per instructions). Seal it well, and pour a little water.

Step 2

Fill the containers with plants from top to bottom. Seedlings in tablets is usually compact. A root ball does not disintegrate, and is easily shifted in the right direction. If you are taking the seedling out of the large pots, squeeze the rootball. Fill the roots with soil when planting. And do so layer by layer: sphagnum, moss, soil, plant, soil again.

Step 3

Hang the flower bed on the fence, column or tree. Sometimes specialists advise to install a tube with holes in the midst of such structures to allow water reach the bottom. Water the flower bed using a hose with a thin stream. Sphagnum absorbs moisture reserve. In an emergency, for example, after your long absence, the container can be removed and completely dipped in a barrel of water.

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