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Urban Rooftop Gardening

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If you are really excited about gardening, but unfortunatelly lack the needed space, that doesn’t mean you have to renounce the idea: because there is such a thing as urban rooftop gardening!


Rooftop Container Gardening

Before planning on making rooftop garden check with the local authorities if it is permitted to start one. When you find out it is ok it is best to talk about the planning rooftop garden with a professional. Take into consideration if the roof is appropriate for soil coverage, if not seek other options, such as container gardening.

In fact, green roof designs, such as making a garden literally on the top of the roof is not as much popular in urban setting, as container gardening is. The weather conditions vary significantly from the ground level, so make sure to consider the wind/rain protection. Think of water supply as well, so it is another point toward container gardening! Container gardening is a great option for urban rooftop garden, as it can be easily maintained, taken downstairs for protection, can be watered easily and of course, can be easily changed if it ever bores you!

Rooftop Gardening Inspiration

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