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Unusual Foods To Grow In Your Garden Part II

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There are so many new cultilvars and hybrids of the common foods out there the most adventurous of the gardeners must have endless plans to try this or that variety. If you want to try something new and exotic here is a list of unusual exotic foods to grow in your garden, but if you just want your favorite foods to show you a difference in color and taste here is a list of foods you know and love in their atypical state.

Unusual Foods For Garden

Read growing instructions to each package of seeds very carefully and follow them to the t. Some of these can very well grow in a greenhouse so take note and go get those plants.

Watermelon Radish

watermleon radish

Watermelon radish is a peculiar vegetable that you can grow in full sun and use in cooking and pickling. To get the fall crop sow in late summer. Or after the final frost. Too much summer heat may affect bulb growth so be sure to grow these radishes in cool weather.

Pink Pearl Apples

Pink Pearl apples

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We are used to a certain color in apples but Pink Pearl Apples and Apple Redlove Era are the varieties whose flesh contrasts the skin but not as in traditional apples. Red or pink on the inside these apples are tart-sweet and give a late summer crop. Apple Redlove Era are red on both the outside and the inside. Some of its cultivars have a 30-40% higher antioxidant levels than an average apple and they are truly unusual.

Black Tomatoes

black tomatoes

Black tomatos have been making waves in the media for some time and it’s no wonder as these are showy and very ununsnual more similar to plums than tomatoes. The Indigo Rose Tomato ripens to eggplant color in full sun and rose plum in shade. The taste is described as typical tomato since it’s pretty much usual on the inside.

Italian Ice Hybrid Tomato

Italian Ice Hybrid Tomato

Black tomato antipod is Italian Ice Hybrid tomato in both color and taste. Lacking the usual acidity some describe it as bland while others note sweet citrus-y flavor. The plant is a heavy producer and fruit can be picked up as soon as it turns from green to cream.

Oca, New Zealand Yam

New Zealan Oca yams

Yams are a pretty popular food. Now New Zealand yams are just as healthy but they are also colorful and lemon-y in taste. They can be eaten raw with skin thanks to their flavorful crispy flesh or cooked till they become more starchy. Plant them in April in a greenhouse or on a windowsill and you can move them out in May. You won’t have to pick them until December but be sure to water regularly to promote tubers growth.

Adirondack Blue Potato

Adirondack Blue Potato

Adirondack Blue Potato has a blue purplish color in skin and flesh. They have been breeded in 2003 and unlike many other blue potatoes do not lose their gorgeous color during cooking. You can get the first crop after 7-8 weeks.

Chioggia Beets

Chioggia Beets

A heirloom variety Chioggia Beets show their true colors when they are sliced open. The candy-cane striping gives an unusual look that will color any salad. They are said to be sweeter than golden beets but less earthy than regular ones.

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

Finally, if you’re tired of good ol’ blueberries and want to try something different here is the first pink blueberry that is both sweet and unusual due to its coral pink coloring. Being a Rabbiteye type this blueberry comes in small size but its fruit is as large as other varieties’.

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