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Types of Outdoor Plants

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Have you ever wondered what to plant outside? Well, these questions might fall off themselves, when you read through how many and what types there are of the outdoor plants!


Outdoor Plant Variations

So are you about to start a garden, or perhaps just want to decorate your lawn? Well, then in either ways this post is for you. First of all, consider the climate and space you have, and of course your purpose. Would be a vegetable/fruit garden, or just flowers for decor, or perhaps trees for wind protection?


One of the most common outdoor plants in the United States is of course the wooden plants. These are not just trees, there are also shrubs, roses and vines. The wooden plants do not necessarily have to be planted right into the ground, they can also be in containers. There are two variations of shrubs and trees: flowering (hibiscus, ixora, lantana and mosanda) and ornamental (aralia, juniperus, crotons and eranthemum). Meanwhile, trees can be evergreen or deciduous, meaning those who loose their leaves. There are also flowering, ornamental trees like flowering dogwood, jacaranda, magnolia and hydrangea paniculata and shade trees, such as ficus, weeping willow, oak, maple and cedar varieties.


There are also bedding plants, such as annuals, which live for a year only, such as asters, bachelor button, balsam, basil, cosmos, dianthus, marigold, petunias, phlox and salvias; vegetables; perennials, which for many years, such as anthuriums, bleeding heart, geraniums, gerberas, roses and water lilies; biennials, those that live for two years, such as Echium wildpretti, foxglove and Sweet William; and of course herbs.


Another intriguing type of plants are bulb flowers, that have a fleshy underground structure. They have a period of growth followed by a period of dormancy. Popular bulbs include tulips, lilies and daffodils, bluebells, dahlia. Also of importance are some vegetables, like potatoes, onions that are also of bulb structure.


Succulent are one of the least demanding plants, because they store the nutrients and water in their stems, leaves and roots. The best-known succulents are cacti, which come in many sizes and shapes, and the aloe vera plant, which is popular for its medicinal uses.


And the last, but not least are the aquatic plants, which are either emergent or submergent. The emergent plants are those that sort of emerge above water, those usually include cattails, reeds and arrowheads. The submergenet plants are always under water, like pondweed and seaweed. Now you are all set up to start your own garden!

Outdoor Plant Types

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