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Types of Garden Sprinklers

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Garden sprinklers have an established place throughout landscaping where they are used to water flowers, plants and trees situated throughout your garden area. Occasionally your kids use them on warm summer’s days to enjoy the freely flowing water; this is good for the lawns and grass areas which surround your gardens. Garden sprinklers come in handy when you do not have the time to stand there and water your gardens using a garden hose. They are the perfect landscaping element because they can be positioned in many different areas of your landscaping, and they work efficiently to ensure all you garden areas receive the right amount of nutrition in which water provides.

Information on types of garden sprinklers

There are various different types of garden sprinklers which can be used on large or small properties. Each type of garden sprinkler offers a genuine and exclusive purpose. But they all maintain the same purpose of watering your gardens. All types of garden sprinklers can be easily attached to your outdoor plumbing and water supply. Over the next few paragraphs we will discuss the various types of garden sprinklers.

Circular garden sprinkler

The circular garden sprinkler is shaped in a circle. It houses a sprinkler head which rotates at a 360 degree angle. The circular garden sprinkler rotates constantly to ensure all areas of your garden receive an efficient amount of water. They are also suitable to be used for watering turf, grass and lawn areas. The circular garden sprinkler is highly recommended for garden and landscaping watering purposes. It can be set to a timer which will switch on and off when you require it to. To flow rate of water in which type of garden sprinkler will flow in is determined by you and your gardens needs.

Oscillating garden sprinkler

The oscillating garden sprinkler is a rectangular shape and it has about 10 water holes in which water flows out of. If you have a small garden or very few plants this is highly recommended for small spaces because it offers flowing water in one simple direction in which you have chosen it to flow. This type of garden sprinkler can flow fast water or slow water this will be determined by you. It is attached to a close by garden hose and the outdoor plumbing system is where its water flow will come from.

Impulse garden sprinkler

The impulse garden sprinkler is mainly used on larger garden areas. This garden sprinkler is similar to an irrigation system. Its sprinkler heads are installed into the ground of your garden along with a system which is connected to your outdoor water supply. The impulse garden sprinkler will freely flow water in fast or slow settings in a 360 degree angle. The sprinkler heads turn around and at each turn they let off a burst of water. This type of garden sprinkler is great if homeowners want to water their lawns and gardens because the flow of water will reach far away places and not just the garden.

In-ground sprinkler system

This is the ultimate in water delivery systems. It is connected to the water supply of your home, which leaves your garden hose free for other uses. This type of system is usually professionally installed under your lawn and cannot be seen. When it is time for water to be dispersed, the sprinklers pop out of the ground, put out the required amount of water and then disappear below the lawn. These systems come in various types and cost. The ultimate system monitors the moisture level of your lawn and automatically adds water only when needed. Others are on a timer and disperse water at the times you set it for. This kind of system is the most water-efficient available. While most sprinklers are very inexpensive, the cost of an in-ground system can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Most types of garden sprinklers house a timer which is highly beneficial for those of us who just can not find the time to stand around watering the garden but want it to look its best. Garden sprinkler timers are simple to install and simple to use. They can be set to operate the garden sprinkler in 15, 20 and 30 minute settings and switch on and off automatically.

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