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Tips for a Fragrant Garden

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If you are one of those who enjoys the scent as much as the visual side, you should really think about creating a wonderful fragrant garden and we can help you with that!


Fragrant Garden Ideas

Growing your own oasis of wonderful smelling experience is an awesome idea to reward yourself and your family and help them rest after a tiring day. One of first things to do, when planing to grow a fragrant garden is to pay attention to your geographical region. It is important, because those plants that are native to your garden region would be more confident growers, and perhaps require less maintenance.


As mentioned by Louise Hodges, a landscape designer with 20 years of experience and her own natural pest control company: “A fragrant garden that you would plant in Vermont is different from one you would plant in Miami. Where somebody lives dictates what kind of plants grow in that environment, what time of year you’re going to have the fragrance and what time of year you’re going to be outside.”


Next thing to consider is the type of garden you want, just the smell, or the looks as well? Many plants, such as the heavily fragrant hyacinths here, make a statement in the garden or in the house as cut flowers. One of ideas is to plant gardenia, as it blooms in spring, summer, fall, practically the whole year. The maintenance is quite easy, just plant gardenias in the shade in beds or containers or bring the shrub inside as an indoor plant.


Iris is a not really fragrant, but would attract wildlife, such as butterflies to your garden. Now, lavender is quite a choice, as it is strong in fragrance and pretty in purple color. It blooms in early to midsummer and loves the sun. By the way, did you know that some research consider lavender an anxiety relief plant?

Rosemary is a herb that would keep your garden very fragrant, yet you will need to make some bright companions to go along. Rosemary bloom time is in summer and warm winters, and caring for it should be in full sun. Last thing, don’t you ever forget about allergies, so before planting ask your family and consider your options!

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