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Stunning Garden of Super Trees in Singapore

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Thinking of a garden, we come up with the picture of the garden with the plants and trees that grow on the ground on a flat land, but we would never think of any plant, flowers, and trees that can grow vertically. The super trees in the Garden by the Bay in Singapore will make you think so.

Singapore Super Trees

Singapore Super Trees

Super Trees in Singapore

The trees look like a set from a forthcoming science fiction movie but these super trees in Singapore are very much of this world. A collection of eighteen of these trees, varying in size from 80 to 160 feet (25 and 50 meters), creates an amazing backdrop for Singapore’s central business district.

Eleven of these immense structures are fitted with solar panels. The sunlight caught by these energies is converted in to energy, which helps to run this thriving business center.  They are part of an area known as Gardens by the Bay. Yet it will be many years before the energy they create recoup their initial cost. The entire garden, despite its energy-efficient and green credentials, not to mention its increasing reputation as a conservation area for rare plants, cost three quarters of a million US dollars to build.

Singapore Super Trees

Singapore Super Trees

The super trees are made of four parts. First, there is the reinforced concrete core, the trunk, the photovoltaic panels, which produce energy and finally the canopy. Between the trees, enclaves of rare and exotic plants, including orchids, vines and ferns are propagated and protected.

The super trees also collect rainwater, which is used in the irrigation of their accompanying vegetation and supply the grove’s waterfalls in a manner, which mimics the way in which trees absorb rainwater.  What is more, they also help to clean and cool the air around the grove.  They also act as air venting ducts for the conservatories.

Singapore Super Trees

Singapore Super Trees

Each super tree has its own unique character. A huge variety flowers and ferns are encouraged to grow across their steel structure and help to give the trees a more organic look. Only time will tell if Singapore truly becomes the city in a garden that its government desires. Despite the overall cost of the project, they do seem to have got off to a very good start.

Plants Covering the Super Trees

Over 162,900 plants comprising more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers are planted on the Super trees.

Some Facts about Garden

  • There are eighteen super trees varying from 25-50 meters in height (82-164 ft.).
  • Bridges and skywalks (128 m/420 ft. long and 22 m/72 ft. high) will connect the taller super trees, giving visitors incredible views of the Gardens by the Bay development below.
  • Eleven of the trees have solar photovoltaic systems to convert sunlight into energy.
  • The solar energy collected during the day is used to light the structures at night.
  • Each super tree feature tropical flowers and a variety of ferns that rise up the steel framework.
  • The canopies serve as temperature moderators, absorbing and dispersing heat and providing shelter to those beneath.
  • The trees also serve as rainwater catchers.
  • The super trees will consist of nearly 163,000 plants of over 200 species.
  • Each tree has a concrete core, a steel trunk fitted with planting panels and a canopy at the top lifted by a hydraulic jack system.
  • Designed by U.K. architecture firm Grant Associates.
  • The public space will be open daily from 5am – 2am.

The trees are part of a huge $535 million development in the Marina Bay area, called the Gardens by the Bay Park, which opened in June. It is central to Singapore’s goal to become a city in a garden and the botanical capital of the world. The trees feature alongside dozens of lavish hotels and towering skyscrapers, including the unique Marina Bay Sands Hotel, many with stunning rooftop infinity pools.

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