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Stone Flower Beds in Garden Design

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Garden fashion objects of small architecture, used in close symbiosis with plants, are again at the peak of their popularity. Vases on pedestals, stone bowls, arches and pergolas entwined by plants, different level stands for pots again offer to enjoy the inimitable contrast of the constancy and variability of cold and timeless materials and live energy of flowers.

Stone Flower Beds and Pots in Garden Design

Stone flower bed

Stone flower bed

Bright eye-catching mini-beds in accentuating concrete or stone bowls also completely fit into this trend. Flower beds made ​​of stone are small unique objects of architecture, which allow you to bring strict accents to a large garden, fully disclosing the nature of the unity of opposites – wonderful stone and plants.

They can be very different: in the form of original boxes, stone troughs, cylinders, circles, pools. They can be made of natural or artificial stone and even concrete. They often have classic outlines of geometric shapes, or they can made in the form of original cups, asymmetrical and abstract contours.

In fact, flower beds are stationary and very specific containers, in which the plants are growing as well as in the balcony boxes and large pots. Usually small or large stone flower beds are perfectly designed and create bright, eye-gaze accent, which allows to vary the appearance of the garden and give it completeness.

A stone flower bed is a traditional design element of classic gardens, urban parks and gardens. In modern landscape design they are used in the eclectic gardens, projects in the Art Nouveau style and high-tech.

Stone flower beds are a great chance to create fascinating small objects that would conquer with luxury of detail and fully disclose style of the garden. It is strictly prohibited to set only one plant in such massive and structurally limited facilities. Even the smallest stone cylinders and flower beds should contain complex compositions of at least three plants.

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