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Steps to Making New Gardens

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Fall is a great time to start a new garden, and we will help you with making first steps in this exciting process.


Creating New Garden Ideas

So, you are out to start new garden? Well, if you are going to make a garden out of your lawn, then perhaps first thing you need to do choose a space without any shades, that means no trees! Another important aspect of good gardening site is well drained soil, and this can be checked by observing how the water and soil interact after the heavy rain.

So, if your site has grass, you will need to remove it first. Rent a sod cutter and when finished, dig the soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches with a garden tiller. Now, when your soil is free of any rocks, debris and such you can start seeding. Of course first you would need to make beds for your garden. It is best of course to use plants in containers, however it is almost up to you! Last steps include spreading mulch on your new garden soil and water your plant gardens!

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