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Starting Herb Garden

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Growing your own herbs is a great idea that can introduce you to the gardening in general. Let’s explore the amazing ideas on how to start your own herb garden.


Herb Garden Basics

If you are an avid cooker, starting your own herb garden might be a great idea! The usual choices include basil, parsley, oregano, and thyme. However, you might also want to plant greenery that would enhance your space with their beauty. It is absolutely up to your needs and aspiration as on what to plant. So, let’s dive into the exploration!

One of the ideas is to obtain seeds and start your own gardening empire, or you can buy a plant from a local nursery. One of the major things to consider when making an herb garden is to consider the weather conditions and of course location. This would impact the lighting fixtures and soil choices. Basil needs light, and well drained soil, while parsley doesn’t enjoy much water, yet needs a deep bedding for the roots. Light is a very important issue, and for some plants placing in the sun would be just perfect. But, some plants are a little bit tricky on that. Basil needs more direct sunlight and warmer temperature than chervil, while cilantro does well in a fairly wide range of environments. Lastly, be aware of the pest threat and watch out for your plants! Don’t be afraid to experiment and try newer sorts, while preparing for your herb garden!

Herb Garden Inspiration

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