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Starting a Vineyard

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If you are a gardening person and like to enjoy your evenings with a glass of good vine, you have considered starting your own vineyard! Stick around for some vineyard basics!

Tips on Starting your own Vineyard

Starting your own vineyard might be a great idea if really enjoy vine, and starting small is a really smart idea, because you can practice while you learn! Before you will go into details of making a vine business, you need to figure out the details of starting your small vineyard. If you actually intent on making vine, or just having fresh grapes for yourself consider the following: types of grapes, location, treatment. The most popular type of grape for vine across the globe is Vitis viniteria, which is responsible for merlot, reisling, chenin blanc and pinot noir to just name a few.

To find the perfect location on your property think about the land that is well drained, frost free and not too fertile. Dry climate would be perfect, which is important for the ripening period, which occurs January through March. The hard to sow and grow soils are best for vineyards. Your vineyard needs to have access to water, either through a natural source such as a dam, creek and rain water or through an irrigation system. Then starting working with the soil, dig a planting hole that is wide enough for grape cane roots spread out. Fill soil around the cane and tamp lightly to hold in place, set the canes about 4 feet apart. Pruning promotes growth, so cut off the top of the cane except for the few upper buds. Fertilize the area with organic mulch for hot summers, and after a two week period fertilize with high-nitrogen fertilizer. The Vineyard usually needs some support, so make sure to take care of that before your grapes will begin to spread around.

Vineyard Inspiration

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