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Square Foot Gardening

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When you are keen to gardening and love to spend much time in the garden, you always seek for something new and innovative in gardening. It is very popular nowadays to do a square foot gardening. Many people grow their own produce to combat high prices in the grocery stores and square foot gardening is making it easy.

Produce Your Own Veggies

Produce Your Own Veggies and Grow Flowers

What Is Square Foot Gardening?

Square foot gardening is the practice of planning and creating small but intensively planted gardens. The practice combines concepts from other organic gardening methods, including a strong focus on compost, densely planted raised beds and bio intensive attention to a small, clearly defined area.

At its basic level, square foot gardening consists of a 4’ X 4” raised planter with 16 units. Each square foot unit is used to plant a different crop. This takes less work, is easy to maintain, uses less water and materials (such as seeds), and yields plenty of crops.

Advantages of Square Foot Gardening

This type of garden will produce high amounts of vegetables in a small space. If you want to grow salad greens, peppers, onions, cabbages, beans and other small plants, square foot beds are very convenient and supportive. You can have your square foot garden right over the grass or weeds without even pulling stuff out. It can be built on the concrete as well, but the beds’ walls probably need to be high, depending on what veggies you are going to grow. Square foot garden can also work as a decorative accessory in your yard; installing smaller beds with smaller plants can really do work of decoration, if you spread them around your yard.

Disadvantages of Square Foot Gardening

As anything in our life a square foot garden also has disadvantages. You have to build beds from something and then fill them with perfect soil. The square foot bed does not allow you to grow much in the way of large root crops or crawlers like melons. This system requires more watering than systems that employ wider spacing. It might be perfect for a townhome’s backyard and if you are the one who likes to do watering regularly.

Watering Your Square Foot Gardening

There are several ways to water your square foot garden. Here are the most common bucket watering, sprinkler system watering, hose watering, and drip irrigation.

Bucket Watering

Sun Warmed Water

Water with Sun Warmed Water

You will need a large bucket of sun-warmed water and a cup. Water each plant with a cup of water.

Sprinkler System Watering

Sprinkler Watering System

Sprinkler Watering System

You can have your sprinkler system, rather than watering your garden individually. It is very convenient, since it is automated.

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System

Some think that this watering system is the ideal method of watering your garden. Drip systems let the water soak directly into the soil with the added convenience of flow adjustment for individual plants.

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