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Spring Garden Checklist

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Thinking of how to enhance your garden in spring? Well, spring is a perfect time for many activities, including some landscaping tricks, which can be used only during this season. Today we are going to go over the Spring checklist for gardening.

Ultimate Gardening Tips for Spring

Checklist for gardening in spring

Check for Growing Plants

If you have planted certain flowers or other greenery in fall, it is most likely to appear for the first time during spring. Check the first signs of newly growing plants and take care of them so the spring blooms would last longer and make your landscape more cheerful with their colors.


Pruning is essential and certainly a must-do activity, especially in spring. What needs pruning the most are the fruit trees, but make sure that you do that before the bud begin to appear. You don’t want to cut off the flowering buds accidently and be witout  fruits later in summer. In late spring you will also need to prune the flowering shrubs.

Checklist for Gardening in Spring

Seeds Planting

If you want to plant something in spring it is essential to prepare for that procedure. Seed planting usually is a very tedious process and requires proper preparation indoors. Another thing for planting seeds is to prepare an appropriate container for them. Make sure that you have proper plant beds outdoors or good planters indoors. Make as many containers or as many beds as you need.

Taking Care of Garden

That is a rather broad advice that includes not only taking care of the soil, but also improving the general landscape of the outdoors. It is essential to remove the bird-feeders, as well as the winter mulch from the soil, to remove the debris left from fall. Also it is important to make sure that no dead leaves and bulbs are lying on the ground, as they inhibit the new growth. Make your garden ready to accept the new spring.

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