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Soil Tips for Gardening in Spring

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Spring is usually the time to start the gardening, and today we are going to discuss the soil tips for gardening in spring. So, stick around to learn about spring gardening soil basics!

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Preparing the Soil for Gardening in Spring

Spring is considered the most perfect time to start the gardening process, however before starting this process you need to determine several things. One of the major things to take into consideration before starting to plant is to find out your climate zone. This is essential because generally the spring starts on March 21, however the planting can be started when the soil temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. So, as you see now, Spring starts when the soil is ready, and that can also depend on the climate zone.

soil tips

One of the ways to test the soil is to use a special thermometer; however a cheap kitchen thermometer will also do its job. To test the soil you need to insert the probe into the soil and let it be there for five minutes – so the temperature would be accurate. Never start planting if the soil is wet. To check if the soil is wet first pick it up with your hands and squeeze it, if the water comes out – the soil is too wet. The perfect wetness is when “the soil forms a somewhat crumbly, loose ball, you’re ready to start prepping”.

soil tips

One of the ways to prepare for spring gardening is to clear the area for the gardening. Remove the debris if there are any, and the old mulch. Inspect the area for insects, and take all the needed measures to prevent it. However, if there are lady bugs don’t touch them, as they are beneficial for the garden. It is also important to get rid of weeds and it is better to start early. It is better to attack the weeds first, before they start to steal the sun and nutrients off your plants. Now, you can be sure that your soil is ready for planting.

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