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Selection of Conifer Seedlings

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Conifers are plants with character. They require increased attention while selecting of seedlings and planting them. If you do not want to spend time and money in vain, then stop even thinking of purchasing seedlings of bare-root coniferous plants. They have virtually zero chance to survive, no matter what kind of conifers (pine, spruce, juniper, fir, etc.) you are offered to buy with a discount.

How to Select Conifer Seedlings



The only correct option here is the closed root system. Do not buy seedlings in malls, as conifers, even dried and non-viable in the future, can look almost healthy. There is a probability that the plant was not grown in a container, but was dug out of open ground and placed into the container on the eve of sending it to the store. Of course, the chances of its survival in your garden are negligible.

How to check the quality of the seedling?

Take the container with the plant and just flip it. If the ground is strewed, then the sapling was just recently planted into the container. If nothing is spilling from the container, then this is what you need. The ends of the needles should not be dried. Check whether the branches are elastic: dried branches are leaning to the side, if slightly put pressure on them, and live ones are bending.

As for the age of seedlings, the younger they are, the easier and faster they will come through the transportation and begin to move into growth.

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