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Seeds for Megacities

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Garden on the roof is not a joke and not even a movie shot about the future. This is a picture that has become a reality for the residents of modern metropolises. Trading companies and citizens plant vegetables, flowers and fruits on the roofs of their houses and offices. Some people grow cucumbers on the roof for sale; some of them grow them for themselves.

Seeds for Rooftop Gardens in Megacities

Rooftop garden

Rooftop garden

In this regard, there is a challenge to get the seeds for the “roof” agriculture. We cannot say that the roof gardens require some special seeds. But it is obvious that the seeds obtained from “ordinary” suburban area poorly survive in the harsh conditions of the metropolis, especially, such as New York. There are strong winds, unfiltered sunlight, hot nights caused by the urban heat effect, low flowerbeds and, as a consequence, the lack of space for root growth. All this defines the specificity for agriculture in the stone jungles.

Zach Pickens realized this. He began to select best and largest fruit from his garden on the roof in New York for seeds. The following year, he sowed the seeds and selected the seeds again after they have grown. So every year he collected more abundant harvest. And now he gets a small amount of annual seeds adapted to the conditions of the giant metropolis. As a result, Pickens created the Rooftop Ready Seeds store, which took a unique niche in the seed market. It offers its customers only natural seeds for urban agriculture on the roofs of buildings.

Rooftop Ready Seeds is unique by its products. Most Americans are accustomed to order seeds from catalogs of multinational corporations obtained by genetic engineering. Therefore, for some farmers Pickens’s seeds selection technology has become even a kind of political project. The customers saw this as an opportunity to develop their self-sufficient small farms and independence from corporations.

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