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Schaefer’s Succulent Garden

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Suzy Schaefer is not only an excellent artist, but also a talented horticulturist. Her house in San Diego has a beautiful outdoor extension that she has turned into an adorable garden full of succulents. Her garden that was devastated by the Witch Creek Fire in 2007 has been revived in subsequent years, and mostly Suzy attributed this success to growing succulents.

San-Diego Succulent Garden


Charming Schaefer Family Garden

Rob and Suzy Schaefer have built their Southwestern-styled house in 1999 and have been progressing with growing their garden since then. In 2007, when the flames of Witch Creek fire were consuming the street their house was among the few that stood firmly, although quite damaged by the fire.

It looked like a moonscape. The house didn’t burn, but we had smoke damage and tons of ash. Some plants just melted. And some of our palm trees went up like sparklers–fires love them!

The fact that their garden and house didn’t burn down Suzy attributes completely to the numerous moisture-filled succulents that she planted as ground covers. The restoration of the garden was a tough process, but she succeeded in it with a help of landscape artist, Robert Dean. The beautiful garden’s layout was designed with Suzy’s artistic perspective:

I like to make cool and warm colors complement each other–a blue plant next to a red or yellow. I love mounding, and I arrange my garden so it undulates. Sometimes I create scenes within gigantic pots five feet across, which kids love. The plants are the Lilliputians and I’m Gulliver.

It is intriguing to see many different succulent varieties that are present in the garden. There are Aeonium plant, Echeveria ‘Afterglow, Cacti, Aloe Striata, Bougainvllea, Tulbaghia, Crassula pubescens, Cotyledon, Yellow Kangaroo Paws, Dasylirion Longissimum and much more. When creating the various palettes with succulents, Suzy was inspired by visits to exotic-plant nurseries. This garden seems rather complicated, but of course as Suzy mentions it is ‘almost embarrassingly easy’. She waters her garden twice a week and also does regular maintenance.

Succulent Garden In California

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