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Rock Garden in Container

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Many often use a decorative element as a rock garden in containers. They look stylish and elegant with minimal care. They allow creating an image of the natural mountain landscape on a small area at different costs. Rock garden in containers can decorate the front of the house. It is suitable for terraces, paved areas and paths to connect them with a garden and animate large stone surface. Charm of miniature rock gardens is in balance, stability, durability and ease of care.

How to Make Rock Garden in Container

Rock garden in container

Rock garden in container

The container choice for rock gardens

Material, of which the container is made plays a very important role. It must be frost-resistant for cold climate to withstand harsh winters. At the bottom there must be a drainage hole. Stone troughs are the ideal options. If you can not get it, you can make the containers by yourself. Take a mixture of equal parts of peat moss, sand and cement, or use a container made ​​of metal. This depends on your possibilities and preferences.


Drainage is laid on the bottom of containers after they are installed on a constant place, pre- closing drain holes with broken shards of old ceramic pots. Drainage takes 1/3 of the tank height. Drainage is needed to ensure that the water smoothly and quickly could go out of the container.


Take garden soil, peat, draining materials (coarse sand and crushed stone) in a ratio of 1:1:2. Fill the containers to the brim with this substrate. Make sure to fill all voids. Add more substrate if necessary.


You will need stones for design. Stone is given a priority role in modeling a miniature mountain landscape. To do this, choose stones in the tone of the container so that they could complement each other. It is desirable that they were flat. It is easy to work with such stones. They are easily collected together. All layers are stacked strictly in parallels. Pour the same substrate in the narrow holes, which were formed, leaving small holes for planting.

Selection of plants

Making a rock garden in a container is a creative process, sometimes with the use of the method of trials and mistakes. There are species that can grow in containers in cold and warm climates.

The first requirement: for cold climate you should select plants, which are resistant to strong frosts, even in snowless winters. Native tundra and alpine areas plants are suitable. There they could have adapted to the harsh environmental conditions: high winds, low temperatures, freezing of roots. The second requirement is slow growth, and compactness.

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