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Reviving the Garden in Winter

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It is now the breaking point of winter season, when the nights are officially longer and the days are shorter, the temperature is low and dropping. Yet, your garden doesn’t need to be waiting for the best seasons to come; you can revive it now, even in the winter time! Here are some simple tips on reviving your garden in winter!


Garden Winter Tips

So, if you consider your garden to be functioning only during summer, fall and spring – you could be wrong! A garden can be beautiful even during the dreary frosty winter days! You would be surprised, but there are some many plants that offer their colorful companionship to otherwise dull grey exterior of the garden! Plant some winter blooming shrubs, or grasses such as such as the pink muhly, that tolerates winter weather. Another thing is to plant vegetables that grow only during winter times, such as onions, garlic but of course this should be done during the late fall. By the way, did you know that many herbs can also survive the colder times? You can be sure that the herb garden with oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, chervil and various mints, can add some vitality the scene while withstanding the horrifying frosts! But make sure that these herbs are mature to withstand this cold. At last, plant ornamental wood trees that fruit in winter, like the “Sparkleberry” winterberry tree, which fruits vibrant, tiny red berries.


But not only planting can help to revive your garden, there are some other simple tricks to add personality and life into the garden! One of such ways is to implement some outdoor architectural pieces, such as fences, gates or entryways, in addition to statues and large, interestingly formed rocks. Imagine how cute it would look once the snow falls?! Using decorative planters, such as pots with a graphics on them, can also add some style into the dull white garden! At last, wildlife can help you with bringing life into the garden, invite over some winged friends with bird feeders and other attractions!

Wintery Garden Ideas

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