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Reviving Badly Kept Garden

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How to transform a badly kept garden to make it harmonious and attractive throughout the year and at the same time easy to maintain? It is not an easy task, but doable. Before you start revolutionary work on modernization, think what you want to see in the final, finished form.

How to Revive Badly Kept Garden?

Japanese garden design

Japanese garden design

Determine the functional task of the garden:

– Growing of fruit, vegetable crops, flowers;

– Garden for relaxation and entertainment.

Select the type of garden:

– Garden in country style (or rustic garden), in national traditions with fruit trees, berry bushes (currants, gooseberries, raspberries), a vegetable garden and flower beds;

– English-style garden with severity compositions clipped boxwood bushes, ornamental fruit trees, standing alone on the lawn;

– Japanese rock garden, water, conifers and evergreens, with an unusual Eastern philosophy.

Be sure to take in the budget the size of the site and climatic conditions, in which your future “paradise” will be.

And, of course, the garden should be harmonious with the house, the surrounding terrain, and should provide a single architectural ensemble.

Let’s get started with the installation of the fence: a mesh netting, decking, wood, stone structures. If the garden is decorated in a rustic style, it is possible to build a wicker fence or plant a hedge, giving it a definite shape.

For old fence decoration, you can use climbers. Remove rubbish, cut down dead trees, uproot old bushes, destroy weeds. The whole garden must be dug by hand or with the help of two-wheel tractor, without damaging the roots of the plants.

Small wooden gazebo in the back garden, overgrown with enchanting vine (clematis, climbing roses) is a place of solitude and peace. Paths of stone and wood, framed border plant (tulips, marigolds, asters) are comfortable and beautiful. Arches, overgrown with wild grapes and table grapes, TECOM (kampsis) with orange bells, wisteria (“purple rain”) will decorate your garden. Do not forget planting the plants, taking into account climatic conditions.

For lovers of untouched nature there is a small lake with water lilies, Potbelly, and nearby wooden benches surrounded by weeping willows and ornamental conifers (dwarf firs, pines, juniper Tatar), Rose (tea, park), rose hips.

To achieve the desired result, you need a thoughtful selection of flora. The main thing is to create a harmony and properly locate plants in the compositions, while maintaining a single and unique style.

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