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Preventing Black Spot Disease

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Black spot disease is a type of fungal disease, which mostly affects roses. It manifests itself by creating black spots on the plant leaves, which enlarge with time causing the leaves to turn yellow and wilt. It is essential to understand, that the leaves are needed to store the energy the plant gets through photosynthesis for winter. If the leaves are lost due to the disease, you might lose the entire plant. Here are some ways of preventing the black spot disease.

black spot disease

Ways of Preventing Black Spots on Roses

One of the most obvious ways of preventing the black spots disease is to select a variety that is somewhat resistant to it. Such varieties include the Knock Out, Easy Elegance, Bonica, Carefree Beauty, Carefree Wonder, Cuddles, Playboy and others, which are relevantly easy to maintain.

Black spots spread quite rapidly, so it is essential to get rid of the infected leaves as soon as you notice the spots. Don’t throw these leaves onto the ground or into the compost pile, as the disease will spread very quick, it is better to throw those leaves away entirely. It is also important to clean the garden regularly, as the still air and dirty garden helps infection to spread.

black spot disease

Also avoid crowding the roses, when planting. It is important to give them some space for growing, because this provides for better ventilation and more air. It is also essential to plant the bushes in full sun, where the roses will receive up to seven hours of sunshine.

The moisture also promotes the spread of the disease, so it is important to water the plants directly to the roots, avoiding getting drops on the leaves. As black spots is a soil-born disease, try using fungicide. You won’t see results right away, because it takes some time to react. Also, fungicide is good in preventing the disease.

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