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Plants for Rock Garden: Willow

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Rock gardens, rockeries are a popular element in landscape design. Many make a lot of mistakes in its imitation. And, of course, it is primarily a selection of plants. First, and most important mistake is the use of high wood plants. It will do more harm than beauty. Besides, you will spend much time for cleaning fallen leaves. If you look closely at the alpine landscape, it is unlikely that there is a place with high hardwoods. If they are presented, the more likely it will be compact trees.

Willow in Rock Garden

Salix X Boydii

Salix X Boydii

Yet if you want to use small trees, you should consider the following nuances: first, dwarf varieties, and second, small leaf size.

Slowly-growing varieties of Willow are highly suitable for alpine slides. There are more species that grow in the alpine mountains.

Salix X Boydii

It is a tree of great beauty, vaguely resembling shape the bonsai. It has rounded leaves, which become fluffy at bloom. Salix X Boydii is very resistant to frost, is not demanding to care. It is a slow-growing plant, the maximum gain is 2-3 inches per year. Crohn excellently develops without any assistance, not crawling.

Besides Boyd, there are a number of representatives, which easily decorate any alpine slid. It is about netted willow (Salix reticulata) and grassy willow (Salix herbacea). They are amazing ground cover shrubs. In diameter they grow up to 30 inches with a height of only 2 inches. The leaves are small, roundish. They are combined well with perennials.

Besides the creeping dwarf forms, there are large ones. These include Salix Serpyllifolia and Salix Reptans.

Salix Arbuscula

All kinds of decorative species, are light-requiring, excellently propagated by cuttings. Typically, these activities can be carried out immediately after the snow melts. The only condition for the proper development is watering. In hot weather, it is advisable to water them 1-2 times a week. They prefer slightly acidic soil.

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