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Plants For Bog Gardens

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Bog gardens, as you may already know are perfect for moist soil near the ponds. But few know what kind of plants in particular would be suitable for the bog garden. Well, especially for you we have compiled different plant types suitable for bog gardens.

Disneyland in the Backyard

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny By Aquascape Lifestyle

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny, also known as Lysimachia nummularia, is a ground-covering type of a plant. From June to September Creeping Jenny produces small yellow flowers. It is perfect for bog gardens, and should be planted at the depth of 3 inches. This plant can also be planted for pond decor, as it spreads its leaves over the water.

Gunnera Manicata


Gunnera Manicata By Pond

Gunnera Manicata has giant leaves that look like an umbrella. This perennial enjoys water and is good for planting in the bog garden. Also, due to its interesting foliage it is perfect for landscaping needs. The plant dies off for winter, and you can cover the crown with its own dead leaves for insulation.

Iris Versicolor

Iris Versicolor

Iris Versicolor By Matt Opel

This plant produces beautiful flowers in purple or blue colors. Iris is suitable for planting near water, but it needs sun exposure. It is a perennial that blooms from May to June. Iris Versicolor can create colonies in the wild.

Lobelia ‘Queen Victoria’


Lobelia And Hummingbird

This plant has upright stems with striking beetroot leaves and crimson flowers. It is a perennial that adapts well to the wet soil, and attracts wildlife, however, if eaten this plant is poisonous. The plant needs insulation for winter as well.

Greater and Lesser Spearwort

Their Latin names are Ranunculus lingua and Ranunculus flammula respectively. These plants produce small yellow flowers and are most suitable for bog gardening, especially if the soil is really wet. The lesser spearwort is good for small gardens, and it can grow up to 12 inches, while the greater spearwort is less than an inch high.


Lesser Spearwort By Grey Granite

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