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Pizza Gardening Tips

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If you are big a fan of pizza and gardening, you might actually start your own pizza gardening. Pizza gardening, as you can guess is a process of growing the plants for that marvelous food, such as peppers, tomatoes and herbs. So, read on to find out more!

Pizza Gardening

Pizza Garden Ideas

For this project you will need a small piece of land, 6×4-foot-space would be enough. It can be in a raised-bed container; however it is not really important. What is more important is that the garden would have access to full sun. So, once you have prepared the space, it is time to think of the variety of plants, which you will grow.

As mentioned earlier the plants to take into consideration are tomatoes, peppers and herbs. To provide rich menu for pizza you will need to plant more than one variety of each. For example opt for planting Husky Cherry Red Tomato and Golden Jubilee Tomato. The cherry red tomato is very compact in size and rich in flavor. The golden jubilee tomato is moderate and ripes within 80 days from planting, however unlike the first variety it is quite large and needs to be grown upright.

Another type of plant to grow for your pizza garden is pepper. Keystone Giant Bell Peppers come in different colors, yellow and red, however only 30 years ago there was only one type – green. They not only have a very high nutritional value, but also allow adding different hues to your garden. Jalapeno Peppers are hot peppers that come either in red when mature or green.

Pizza Gardening

Now last, but not least are herbs, such as basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme. As you know, basil and tomato is a great combination, so make sure to plant it. Oregano is an easy to grow plant, and it is also quite quick to spread, so it can easily create a carpet of rich tapestry in your garden. Thyme and rosemary add that distinct flavor to your pizza, and they are also quite easy to grow. So, choose your plants and make your own pizza garden!

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