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Permaculture Garden

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Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is an approach to designing human ambient space, as well as the system of agriculture based on the interactions observed in natural ecosystems. In Permaculture garden everything keeps growing in conditions close to natural.

Permaculture Garden in Canada

Stefan Sobkowiak's permaculture garden in Canada

Stefan Sobkowiak’s permaculture garden in Canada

Canadian farmer Stefan Sobkowiak has long been practicing Permaculture farm management. According to him these gardens can compete with the familiar monocultural ones. His farm has 5 acres of land for permaculture. There has been growing about 100 kinds of apples, 19 kinds of pears, cherries, plums, peaches, kiwi and grapes; and between all of them there are growing useful herbs, vegetables and berries. There are snakes and frogs, bees and butterflies in the garden. The main goal of the farmer is to grow anything that can grow there.

Permaculture requires less maintenance than other methods of farming, there is less spending. In a small area you can grow several species of plants, hence more revenue is obtained. In addition, such a garden looks more beautiful, so working there is pleasant in all respects.

Stefan Sobkowiak, a Canadian farmer

Stefan Sobkowiak, a Canadian farmer

“We do not just get to grow lots of fruits, but lots of really tasty fruits. One problem is with plums: you can’t stop eating them,” the farmer says.

There was a campaign launched on Kickstarter to raise funds for “The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic” film. Campaign was more than successful – the required amount of $ 15,000 was collected in less than 2 weeks. Now they collected $ 24,000. The remaining money are planned to be used to translate the film into different languages.

“The first thing is to get things moving. I have nothing against conventional gardens. Instead, we need them to compare it with our way of farming. And when they are compared, people immediately arise the question: Why doesn’t everyone do so? ” Stefan Sobkowiak says.

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