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Pathway Perennials

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If you graden is large enough to contain a pathway, have you ever considered what plants are there under your feet? One of the most rewarding ideas is to use so to say “pathway perennials”!


Creeping Perennials for Stepping Stones

When starting a garden every little details adds up to the landscape, so if you are about to make a stepping stone pathway, consider planting some low creeping perennials to plan along. One of the popular choices of course remain the regular grass, however consider the options: you could use White Alpine Geranium, ‘Victor Reiter’ Sea Thrift, Miniature Golden Sweet Flag to name just a few. Let’s take a closer look on some of the low growing perennials.


One of the cutest ideas is planting a ‘Elfin’ Thyme, which is ornamental herb with purple blooms and tiny evergreen leaves. Some sources suggest that it would tolerate light foot traffic, others that it is for heavy foo trafic. It even has a scent, along with its charming looks. It likes water and sun, so don’t forget to water it often.


Mazus radicans (Motley Mazus), that can change color of the leaves from dark green to black. It can cover the surface completely and in summer you will see snapdragon-like flowers in white-purple colors. Unlike elfin thyme, which is a slow grower, this one is moderate.


Scotch Moss, or Sagina subulata ‘Aurea’. This is a fast grower, subjected to heavy foot traffic, which loves shades as the sun. In summer you might witness the white star flowers. The Bronze Dutch Clover or Trifolium repens ‘Atropurpureum’, is also a cute companion to your lawn, can be subjected to medium foot traffic.


Creeping Perennials for Pathways

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