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Palmette Fruit Trees

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Many site owners want to grow rich harvest in a small area. In this case, you can grow fruit trees on palmetto. Palmetto is a floral ornament, when the branches of trees or shrubs are located in the same plane as a fan. Branches at an angle of 45-90 degrees from the trunk (the central conductor – trunk area, which starts from the first branching). Branches form the so-called skeleton crown. Here we need to specify that the branches that extend from the trunk, are called skeletal, and those that grow from them already are called semi-skeletal.

Palmette Fruit Trees in Your Garden



There are several types of palmetto, which differ from each other mainly by the complexity of the skeleton and a sprouting angle of skeletal branches:

– Free,

– Italian (the most complex of all),

– Hungarian,

– Hague,

– Belgian,

– Fan-shaped.

Usually simple amateur gardeners seldom give importance to all this diversity and often form a fan-shaped palmetto.

There are two main objectives of forming palmettos: the aesthetic objective (to form hedges, artsy plant forms for gardens and parks, etc.) and practical. From a practical standpoint a palmetto has several advantages over conventional crown:

– The tree itself occupies a much smaller area, which allows planting more different fruit trees on limited space.

– Greatly simplifies the process of harvesting and wood processing with agents for pest control.

– Reduces the number of fallen leaves in fall.

Harvests from palmettos, is almost equal in quantity and quality to that which is going with the usual spherical crown.

How to form Palmetto?

Typically, palmettos are formed of young seedlings. It is better to take small and medium growth varieties of fruit trees. After planting the bole (trunk portion of the root collar to the bottom of the first branch) seedlings are shortened to a height of 15 inches from the ground. Such cutting promotes intensive growth of shoots, which are allowed to grow freely in the vertical direction. Shoots from them will become skeletal branches.

To form a fan-shaped crown, skeletal branches have to be stretched on legs – trellis. Trellis of simplest design are two pillars set by the sides of the tree at a certain distance (depending on what length of the branches you need), and a wire stretched between them in several rows.

In more complex and aesthetic options trellis can be executed in the form of gratings with different patterns. The bottom line is that the tree branches should be attached to the trellis. Then they will grow in a given direction.

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