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Ornamental Vegetable Beds

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Today, the garden can perform a decorative function, looking as a spectacular decoration area. In order to arrange ornamental beds it is enough to pick up the culture that will please not only with the great taste, but also with the attractive appearance.

Arrangement of Ornamental Vegetable Beds

Ornamental vegetable beds

Ornamental vegetable beds

Planting vegetables

Turning the beds with your favorite vegetables in addition to the elegant design of the garden is quite simple. Among the vast variety you can always choose the most decorative foliage varieties with unusual shapes. Spectacular combination can get to “play” with the plants by placing them in the beds, taking into account not only the successful “neighborhood”, but also the original combination of colors of flowers and leaves, as well as the size and shape of the fruit. So, alternation of beds of beets with lush greenery on maroon cuttings, surrounded by the fast growing shrubs in light green curly lettuce, with carrots, decorated with lacy foliage, looks very attractive.

Vegetable beds can be mixed with floral compositions. Elegant decoration of the garden will be colorful annuals:

• marigold,

• tsiniya,

• ageratum,

• rudbeckia,

• petunia.

These beauties, blooming all summer, will attract with its scent beneficial insects that pollinate the flowers of plants.

The original visual effect gives combining vegetables with herbs and aromatic herbs that are able to maintain the attractiveness to late autumn. The following plants can be planted along the row spacing:

• Melis

• basil,

• rosemary,

• thyme,

• thyme,

• Oregano,

• lemon mint.

During the preparation of herbal combinations be aware of “disadvantaged neighborhood” of some plants, not planting close to each other anise with carrots, cucumbers with chamomile, tomatoes with peas, aubergines with thyme.

Ornamental varieties to create elegant beds

It’s hard to look away from the marvelous double flowers of ornamental cabbage. And it is hard to believe that this beauty can be fed as treats to the table. Decorative cabbage on a background of bright green vegetables looks extremely attractive.

Pepper can also be a beautiful decoration of beds. Ornamental pepper cultivars are dazzling, pleasing with the most unexpected colors: bright orange, emerald green, mauve and purple, dark yellow and lemon.

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