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Nutritious Gel for Seedlings

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We actively acquire seedlings, saplings, shrubs, flowers in spring. We wish to keep our plants well established and healthy. But the root system during transplantation still suffers, because while digging plants small thin and tender roots are damaged.

How to Prepare Nutritious Gel for Seedlings

Nourishing gel

Nourishing gel

To help the plant in this difficult process, we can prepare a nutritious gel for the root system. What does it give? The gel covers all the roots and retains nutritional moisture for 10-14 days. This period is usually enough for a plant to establish and start to form young roots.

Nourishing gel is quite easy to make. For this we need a garden hydrogel, water and humate.

Necessary ingredients and proportions

1000 – 1200 ml of cold water, 2 caps of humate, a container of 2 liter capacity, a tablespoon or other tool for mixing, 10 g of garden hydrogel .


Pour 1 liter of water in the container. Add there 2 cups of liquid humate. Keeo stirring, and pour hydrogel gradually. Do it as if you cook a porridge. Stir until smooth and leave for 15-20 minutes to complete the gel swelling. If the gel became very thick in 15-20 minutes, add the remaining 200 ml of water. The gel should not be too runny, but it should not be lumpy either.

How to use the prepared gel

If the plant is in a pot, gently remove it from the pot and immerse the root system in the gel for a few seconds and plant the seedling in its permanent place. If the plant is without a ball of soil, then immerse its root system in the gel; take it out; make sure that the gel completely covered the roots; and bed the plant in the ground.


While using a nourishing gel, do not forget pouring the plant. Gel only helps the plants to establish roots in a new place, but it will not save plants from extinction.

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