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Most Beautiful Night-Blooming Flowers For Your Garden

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Whether you’re planting a moon garden or simply looking to make your garden glow at night these beautiful night-blooming flowers will help transform your outdoors and flood your evenings with mild glow. There are, of course, many more breathtaking flowers that are blooming during day time that you can choose in their white or creamy varieties to add to your garden. But here are some of the beauties that are thriving at night.

Night-Blooming Flowers For Your Garden

Night lily

Night lily

Night Bloom Water Lily

Water lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers in existance and they are a must-have in a night garden that has a pond or some kind of a water feature. They can be of different colors but white will stand out nicely against the dark water. Water lilies certainly require winerization, especially the tropical varieties but good news is that these plants are quite tough and there are hardy varieties that can be planted anywhere (a tub, a bucket) but surely for aesthetic purposes a beautiful stone container would be more preferable.

Plantain lily

Plantain lily

Fragrant Plantain Lily

Also known as Hosta, plantain lily is a shade-tolerant flower that has beautiful broad and often two-toned leaves and beautiful white flowers.

Gumbo Lily

Gumbo lily, tudted evening primrose

Tufted evening primrose

Gumbo lily has beautiful heart-shaped petals and short stems. This tufted evening primrose blooms in the dusk turning pink and wilting by morning. This summer flower is perfect for dry, sandy, rocky soils with good drainage. Its  sweet and pleasant fragrance attracts hawk moths.


Cestrum nocturnum

Cestrum nocturnum

Fragrant jasmine has small beautiful flowers and counts around 200 varieties. The nigh-blooming beauty is Cestrum nocturnum that grows up to 13 feet tall and is an evergreen shrub, which produces small inedible (toxic) berries.

What are your favorite night-blooming flowers?

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